news 09 Sep 2021

Amplified Publishing Prototype Fund

Since May 2021, Bristol+Bath Creative R+D have been working with a cohort of fellows and partners to develop their theme of Amplified Publishing. They have been exploring how emerging technologies enable new content genres and forms and how they are changing the way content is made, where it is published, how it is discovered, and importantly, what this means for audiences.

They are now commissioning prototypes that will demonstrate the potential of emerging technologies to deliver new digital or hybrid experiences, services, products or processes that respond to the theme. They are interested in what the future of publishing might look like for content sectors ranging from games, books, audio, magazines and zines, across a range of platforms and mixed reality environments, offering new ways to reach new audiences…

For more details on how to apply please read the full brief found here:  

Applications can be made here: 


The deadline is 10am, Wednesday 20th October 2021.

Can’t wait to see your ideas!