07 Jun

public event The Studio in Bath, BA1 2NH. 07 Jun 12:30 – 16:00

Rebecca Fiebrink: AI Empowering Artists

This talk and workshop with Rebecca Fiebrink, Professor of Creative Computing at University of the Arts London will give an introduction to AI tools that empower artists, including InteractML an interactive machine learning tool for designing movement interactions in Unity and Unreal.

Rebecca and PhD student Clarice Hilton will then run interactive sessions using their embodied ideation technique based on embodied sketching: designing movement interaction through movement (Márquez Segura et al. 2016). This will continue into implementing these designs into the games engine.

Tickets are limited for the workshops so please do sign up!

📆: 07/06/2024.
🕖: 12:30pm – 1:30pm – public talk.
🕖: 02:00pm – 4:00pm – 30 minute workshop slots.
📍: The Studio, BA1 2NH.

Free tickets can be booked here.

Rebecca Fiebrink is a Professor of Creative Computing at the UAL Creative Computing Institute. With her students, research assistants, she works on a variety of projects developing new technologies to enable new forms of human expression, creativity, and embodied interaction. In 2008, she developed the popular Wekinator tool for real-time interactive machine learning, which enables creative practitioners to develop new real-time, gestural interactions through providing demonstrations. Since then, her research collaborators and she has released a number of other tools for applying embodied and interactive machine learning in various environments, for instance RAPID-MIX for creative industries developers, Sound Control for music teachers and students, InteractML for game and VR designers, and MIMIC for creative coding students.