19 Dec

The Studio in Bath 19 Dec 18:00 – 20:00

Testbed December: 2024 Studio innovation Fund: an introduction and opportunity to partner

This Testbed event is for anyone interested in the 2024 Studio Innovation Fund! You might be a Resident looking to partner with an external person or business, you might be an external person or business who is keen to meet Residents who are interested in applying. You might simply want to meet our community and find out more about the fund, and The Studio. Everyone is welcome!

After a short introduction to the fund and application process, the evening will involve fun ideation activities and networking.

More about Testbed
Testbed is a monthly event for Residents of The Studio to share, present and get feedback on their works in progress, prototypes, emergent creative practices or new ideas.

** This is a special event that will prepare anyone before they apply for the 2024 Studio Innovation Fund. The deadline for fund proposals is 10am, Monday 15th January 2024.

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