news 07 Oct 2021

Larkhall and Immersive Promotion Design: Ones to Watch!

Two of our Residents have made the CreaTech ‘100 Ones to Watch‘ list for 2021, as voted for by the Creative Industries Council.

The CreaTech list nominates innovative UK companies creating new business opportunities at the interface between creativity and technology. Over 200 companies self-selected to start the application process. The selection panel represented industry influencers and practitioners, from across the creative disciplines, and in-service organisations in support of the creative industries.

The selection process took account of the following five factors:

1. Surprise: Is it something we haven’t come across before? Is it cool and surprising in the way creativity meets technology?
2. Purpose: Does it solve a problem and deliver new opportunities in the way people live, work, play and learn?
3. Disruption: Does it show potential to transform the way businesses operate and service markets?
4. Opportunity for global collaboration/cross-sectoral impact: Does it encourage partnerships and collaboration across sectors and industries in the UK and worldwide?
5. Commercial impact: Is the innovation far enough along to be able to offer evidence of likely commercial viability?
6. In addition, the selection panel were looking for enthusiasm, commitment and passion from the team behind the innovation.

The Residents who made the list:

  • Immersive Promotion Design Ltd. (Dr Matthew Freeman): Matthew Freeman founded Immersive Promotion Design, a new marketing consultancy for the immersive sector. The start-up is currently supporting a range of creators, businesses and arts and cultural organisations in the South West with their immersive audience development, communications and marketing campaigns.
  • Larkhall (Charlie Williams): Larkhallis a composer and new media artist who pairs original classical piano music with technology and visual art. As a creative coder, he designs algorithms that react in real-time to live music, creating vivid imagery unique to every performance.
Congratulations, Matthew and Charlie!