news 02 Dec 2021

The Bath Challenge – share your thoughts

What connects Bath’s creative individuals, organisations, and businesses? How do they communicate with and have long-term impacts in Bath’s multiple communities? How do they contribute to Bath’s success?

The Bath Challenge Project began in July 2021 and set out to explore these issues, with the aim of creating a more cohesive vision for the city’s creative industries. Funded by Bristol + Bath Creative R+D, the project has evolved over time, engaging individuals in the creative industries, as well as voices representing supporting institutions, communities, and third-sector organisations.

The climate crisis, BLM and a global pandemic have shifted how we perceive, live and act. Creativity and the industries which support it have a vital role to play in responding to this and navigating future challenges, but the right conditions need to be there to make these responses relevant, fair and inclusive.

We would like to hear your thoughts regarding the conditions needed to nurture a creative community. You can do this by completing this short form (where you can also upload images or video) or you can send us a voice message via Speakpipe  or you can drop us an email to:

We would love to hear from you!