news 26 Nov 2021

The Living Tree: Forest of Imagination

If a tree falls in the forest… we need to listen.

A week in September saw the egg theatre in Bath transform into a living forest. With a real forest floor, a 5 metre high tree structure and a sound and light installation, the space fully immersed visitors in the outdoor-indoor art installation collaboration between Artist Andrew AdmonsonArchitect Alexandre Mballa – Ekobenaand Studio Resident Penny Hay as part of Forest of Imagination. Throughout the week, visitors were treated to performances within the space from Roxana Vilk and the Vik Collective along with Squidsoup and their performance Circle/دایره: – a performance of live music and dancing with immersive sound and light.
The event was well-received by forest visitors, sparking interesting conversations surrounding the environmental crisis and encouraging children to connect to nature.

Recently, Andrew Amondson has released a short impression film to showcase the event. Watch below to witness the project unfold. With music by Cosmo Sheldrake: